The Process

What does a Marriage Celebrant do ?

A marriage celebrant assists a couple to create a ceremony that meets the legal requirements for marriage in Australia. The process usually involves

  • meeting the couple to ascertain their wishes for their wedding ceremony
  • provision of a bookletPlanning Your Wedding
  • assisting in the completion of the Notice of Intended Marriage
  • verifying identities and checking documentation such as birth certificates, citizenship, death and divorce papers
  • advising of the compulsory components of ceremonies
  • providing examples of vows, ring exchange wording, music and readings
  • providing information about copyright and venues

After an initial meeting the celebrant will:

  • provide a draft of a ceremony
  • liaise with the couple until the desired final ceremony is designed
  • organise a rehearsal if required
  • provide a public address system and table and chairs as required
  • prepare and send documentation to Births Deaths and Marriages so that the marriage is registered